• Shotcrete machine grouting in different ways

    Shotcrete machine improves a certain diameter of the soil, by mixing cement grout with the existing ground to make it stronger and able to carry the load of a building’s foundation shotcretee, for example.

  • Refractory gunite machine in steel plant

    Refractory gunite machine is dry spraying process shotcrete machine, which mainly used for spraying refractory materials or castable etc in steel plant.

  • Electric motor drive pressure vessel refractory gunite machi

    While pressure vessel refractory gunite machine. it is mainly used for hot and cold repair work on other thermal kiln equipment such as converter, electric furnace, ladle, mixed iron furnace, ladle and iron hook.

  • Reinforced shotcrete machine wet mixing wall

    We have developed a full range of wet mixing concrete jet, the output from 1.5 m3 / h 15 m3 / h, electric motors, aviation engine, diesel engine, gasoline engine is available.

  • Wet Shotcrete Machine was used for Tunnel Projects

    Gaodetec Equipment wet shotcrete machine were widely used to spraying concrete when build tunnels.

  • Shotcrete Applications in Pools, water features and skateboa

    The swimming pool withshotcrete.construction for the first time in the 1930 s.Spraying is especially suitable for pool and the curve of the skateboard park, and many, because it is digging soil shooting, eliminate forms of cost.Place of shotcrete.the flexibility allows each pool owner has a unique shape of the swimming pool. Shotcrete.pool is waterproof, durable, beautiful and affordable.

  • Qatar Deilver shotcrete machine

    GZ - 5 medium-sized concrete shotcrete machine is a kind of jet mixing of dry processing.It is widely used in tunnel, mining operations, water and electricity engineering and slope protection project.Qatar, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, bahrain, united Arab emirates, Tunisia, Iraq and the Middle East countries gold card shotcrete machine major markets

  • Portable Shotcrete Machine for sale in Singapore

    Portable Shotcrete machineis designed to be portable, easy to operate, the most important is that cheap. Industrial spray machine version, compared to a typical industrial spray machine will cost you about $10000 to $19000 this is a very expensive, especially start construction companies or developers.

  • Concrete spray system used in tunnel

    The concrete spray system is used for railway tunnel. It works very well and improve the work efficiency.

  • Fine stone shotcrete pump

    When the company designed the pump, combined with the practice on the construction site, it adopted the inequality of the material of the cylinder head cover and the pump head, and made the material of the cylinder head and valve cover (gray iron) inferior to the pump head (ball) according to the principle of avoiding lightness.